Become Your Own Best Self-Caregiver

Hi, I'm Katherine!

As a registered nurse and autoimmune patient, I help women to overcome codependency and chronic illness.

I teach you how to safeguard your heart, mind, and health to become your own best self-caregiver.

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How I Can Help


Free resources and articles to codependency and chronic illness.


Self-paced study programs to meet your personal health goals.


One-on-one sessions and a self-care plan to target obstables.

My Self-Caregiver Journal

A free digital resource with four exercises designed as a foundation for healing. Explore how your feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and symptoms are all connected.

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6 Principles to Avoid the Trap of Codependency in Chronic Illness

Codependency is an addiction. While some people turn to food, sex, drugs, gambling, or alcohol for comfort, some of us learned to throw ourselves into a caretaking role to avoid uncomfortable emotions when we don’t know a healthier way to cope. It feels good at first...

5 Steps to Endure Thoughtless Comments about Chronic Illness

Over the years, I’ve heard many thoughtless comments made about chronic illness and those suffering from it. (Before I was diagnosed, I was guilty of making a few of them myself.) For example, as a teenager, I distinctly remember a friend mother’s age who suffered...

How to Cope with a New Chronic Illness Diagnosis

I remember when I was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2004. My symptoms were classic and a positive occult blood test confirmed that my intestines were inflamed, but the medical system required invasive testing for our insurance cover further treatment. I...

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