Tool #6: Increase Movement

Whenever we get to the exercise week, I hear a few moans and groans. Why, though, is it so important? When you engage in physical activity, your breathing becomes more rapid, which expels gases from your body that could otherwise be harmful.

Your circulation increases, reducing the plaque build-up in your arteries and stimulating your liver. Cell function improves and cortisol, insulin, blood glucose, growth hormone, thyroid, and other hormone levels normalize. Exercise has even been shown to decrease symptoms of depression, which is a common finding in adrenal fatigue.

What kind of exercise is best?

The most important consideration when choosing an exercise routine to recover from adrenal fatigue and autoimmune disease is to avoid activities that are highly competitive and intense. If you are miserable and in pain the next day, you pushed too hard.

Instead, what you are looking for are activities that are gentle and fun, while increasing lung capacity, muscle tone, and flexibility.

Whether you are a fan of swimming, fast walking, dancing, Pilates, or any number of team sports, remember that your goal is not necessarily to run a marathon or set new records, but instead to revive your exhausted mind and body and find joy again.

There will be plenty of days when your motivation and energy are low and it is all you can do to drag yourself out of bed. When this happens, instead of forcing yourself to comply, acknowledge the resistance, explore the reasons you may be experiencing it, and be gentle with yourself – while not undermining your commitment to your health.

Sometimes the exertion involved in taking a hot shower, making love, or cooking dinner will just have to be your exercise for the day – and there’s no shame in that. No matter what, do not allow exercise to become yet another part of your life that causes you stress!

How do you know if you’re exercising correctly?

Exercising at your own pace is very important – especially if your previous routine include jogging or circuits at the gym with friends. It’s necessary to listen to your OWN body so that you can avoid pushing your limitations to the point where you have to pay for it the next day.

By gradually building strength, flexibility, and endurance, I promise that you will start to see results – even if it is different from how you used to approach exercise.

Take the Next Step

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