Don’t live in fear of your next flare-up!

Already tried everything for chronic fatigue, anxiety, and autoimmune disease?

Environmental toxins, poor nutrition, stealth infections, parasites, mold, trauma, leaky gut, and genetic mutations are NOT your problem – they are just more symptoms.

The real problem is much deeper. At some point, a subconscious biological threat knocked you into survival mode (and you never recovered).

The good news is that your body and mind were designed to heal.

You just need to resolve the conflict at the root of the problem. This is entirely possible with the right tools and support.

You don’t have to stay confused by all the conflicting health advice and protocols.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Katherine has been where you are. She understands your challenges.

When I was a nursing student, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

I tried diet changes, supplements, and prescription medications with no relief.
I tried therapy – and that helped a little.

I was so frustrated and overwhelmed that I could do everything “right” and still suffer debilitating symptoms that interfered with my ability to hold down a job and have satisfying relationships.

Healing should be simple.

Once I learned to speak my body’s language, however, I knew exactly what each symptom meant and no longer had to wonder, “Why me? Why now?”

I want you to have the same results. That’s why I’m launching the new and improved Autoimmune Resolution 2.0 group program.

What is the Autoimmune Resolution 2.0?

6-month group program for women with chronic fatigue and inflammation who still don’t have results (despite investing thousands of dollars already).

#1 Recognize
the root causes.

Unravel the myths of autoimmunity. Gain a new perspective and understanding of exactly what your symptoms mean. Disease starts with an unexpected and stressful event. Evaluate current circumstances that trigger your symptoms. Avoid staying stuck in the past.

#2 Transform
the traumatic triggers.

Focus on releasing stored emotional energy. Create a sense of safety in your body. After trauma, your nervous system can become stuck in fight-or-flight survival mode. Chronic fatigue, pain, and anxiety follow. Shift into a state of peace and calm for better health.

#3 Focus
on your future self.

When you were diagnosed, did you give up any hope of living a normal life? Use your new tools to create a different reality. Move into the mindset of what could be. Learn how to create a sustainable, whole-souled lifestyle. Break the vicious cycle of flare-ups.

This program is different from others you tried.

While our method incorporates…

  • popular psychology
  • polyvagal theory
  • energy medicine
  • emotology
  • somatic work
  • brain retraining
  • neuroplasticity
  • mindfulness
  • …and more

…the real key is the power of your own biology.

This is not a generic, one-size-fits-all approach. We work together each step of the way. See how your childhood, life experience, past trauma, and current stressors all intersect. Understand how they created your specific symptoms.


Is this program for you?

You don’t need a formal diagnosis of autoimmune disease. This program is for all symptoms of anxiety, pain, fatigue, inflammation, digestive disturbances, skin issues, and more.

I help those who:

  • Are women
  • Are ages 26-59+
  • Have symptoms of fatigue, pain, anxiety, inflammation, and digestive and skin issues (you don’t have to have an official autoimmune diagnosis)
  • Are tired of “trying it all” when it comes to medications, supplements, etc.
  • Enjoy researching alternative and holistic health modalities
  • Are open-minded to new theories and treatments
  • Are in touch with your spiritual and intuitive side
  • Recognize a higher power and aren’t afraid to go deep
  • Love nature and sunshine and fresh air, water, and food
  • Struggle to find a balance between caring for others and not neglecting yourself
  • Recognize that a financial investment pays off in the form of better health
  • Have at least 2 hours per week to devote to personal growth and transformation

I am NOT able to help those who:

  • Look for a quick fix or cure (healing is a process that takes a commitment of time and resources)
  • Rely on mainstream medical resources (unfortunately, our modern healthcare system does not have all the answers)
  • Believe that it is someone else’s job to tell you what’s “wrong” (you are intelligent and capable and can trust your own inner wisdom and knowing)
  • Blame only external forces for suffering (you hand over your power when you look for answers outside yourself)
  • Lack self-awareness (this is a skill that can be developed, but you won’t find this program rewarding if you aren’t willing to look at the ways you interact with and operate in the world around you – this includes lifestyle, relationship, and financial choices)
  • Are afraid of vulnerability (this work is messy – our community thrives on those who are ready and willing to share with others
  • Want a cheap option (simply put, you get what you pay for)
  • Are unable to set aside 2 hours to learn and grow (we’re all busy – it’s up to you to make time for the more important things)

How does it work?

  • Create an account on Mighty Networks
  • Access the easy-to-follow course materials
  • RSVP to the upcoming Coaching Sessions
  • Sync these to your calendar with Zoom
  • Start down a clear path towards healing
  • Take back your life from chronic symptoms
  • Get to know other Members on the same journey
  • Support and encourage one another along the way
  • Enjoy guidance from expert Coaches

Member Success Stories

I was very excited to understand (and reduce the fear of) the message of my symptoms. It was very different than anything else I’d come across. I found the answers I was missing (because both allopathic and holistic medicine were still missing the mark for me).

I am more confident and aware of my needs. I am more confident in my intuition about my body. I am more willing to step out of my comfort zone and ask questions and have conversations and seek out the health care that better aligns with my actual underlying needs. I feel free from the hamster wheel of healthcare.

I tried everything else and nothing really helped. I was tired of all the strict protocols, which still didn’t make me feel better. I wanted to treat the root of the issue and not just the symptoms. I’ve learned a lot and still have a long way to go. I’m learning to listen to my nervous system.

Imagine no more feeling guilt for needing to take time to rest.

Instead, have your experiences validated. You are not crazy. Your symptoms are not all in your head. You can learn a radical new approach to help your body heal.

Get to the root of your fatigue. Don’t just keep managing symptoms.

You could read a bunch more books, buy a ton of supplements, and schedule more expensive appointments with medical specialists (only to order more inconclusive tests) – and expect to pay more than $5000+.

Or you could finally start answering the BIG questions about WHY you have symptoms in the first place and WHAT you can do about it.

The first course addresses your BIOLOGY as you Learn to Speak Your Body’s Language based on the foundational principles of Germanic Healing Knowledge. By understanding the meaning of your specific symptoms, you can implement practical solutions.

Risk-Free Guarantee

Identify the root cause within the first two weeks or get a 100% refund.

I know you may be wondering if it’s worth the time and money – after all, you already tried “everything!”

How is this investment going to be any different?

Well, I am so confident that we will identify your root cause conflict within the first two weeks, that I am offering a risk-free guarantee.

If we can’t identify your conflict by the second week (and we can usually do it in just the first couple days virtually), then you will receive A FULL REFUND.

This means that if you can show you did the work that is assigned to you and you still don’t get the results you want from the experience – you don’t pay a dime and can go try something else instead.

Are you ready to make the leap?

Spots are limited to keep class size small.
Get annual access for less than $1.49/day.

Check out these bonuses:

Free BONUS #1 ($147 value)

Chronic Wellness Collective Membership

  • Access to Library of Courses
  • Monthly Wellness Workshop
  • Group Coaching Session
  • 2nd+3rd Mondays at 7:00 pm EST

Free BONUS #2 ($297 value)

Monthly Movement + Meditation Class

  • 60-minute Zoom session
  • 4th Monday at 7:00 pm EST
  • Recorded replays available for all sessions

Free BONUS #3 ($997 value)

Diagnosis Care Plan Library

When you’re feeling a little frustrated or overwhelmed and need a little pick-me-up, but don’t want to schedule a private session, download recordings to remind you that success is possible and your body already has everything it needs to heal!

Also access step-by-step guidance for specific diagnoses like inflammatory bowel diseases, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid symptoms, skin issues, and more.