6-month coaching program for autoimmune disease recovery
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Tired of feeling frustrated and confused?

You already did tons of research and educated yourself. This isn’t one of those programs where you meditate, exercise, or follow a meal plan. While great tools for building a strong body, they don’t get to the root of the problem.

Already “tried everything?”

  • thousands of dollars on functional medicine
  • boatloads of natural supplements
  • overhauled diet and nutrition
  • bodywork, massage, and chiropractic
  • stress management and boundary setting
  • cognitive behavioral therapy or EMDR
  • better sleep routine

Still struggling with flare-ups of pain, inflammation, and fatigue that come out of nowhere?

Stop flare-ups in their tracks!

Symptoms don’t have to control your life.

Stop dismissing your health goals.

Do not waste money on treatments that fail to address the root cause.

Identify the biological conflict at the root of your symptoms.

Change the course of your health journey.

You can go from fighting your body to supporting it.

Break the cycle of suffering.

#1 Recognize
the root causes.

Unravel the myths of autoimmunity. Gain a new perspective and understanding of exactly what your symptoms mean. Disease starts with an unexpected and stressful event. Evaluate current circumstances that trigger your symptoms. Avoid staying stuck in the past.

#2 Transform
the traumatic triggers.

Focus on releasing stored emotional energy. Create a sense of safety in your body. After trauma, your nervous system can become stuck in fight-or-flight survival mode. Chronic fatigue, pain, and anxiety follow. Shift into a state of peace and calm for better health.

#3 Focus
on your future self.

When you were diagnosed, did you give up any hope of living a normal life? Use your new tools to create a different reality. Move into the mindset of what could be. Learn how to create a sustainable, whole-souled lifestyle. Break the vicious cycle of flare-ups.

This program is different.

While our method incorporates…

  • popular psychology
  • polyvagal theory
  • energy medicine
  • emotology
  • somatic work
  • brain retraining
  • neuroplasticity
  • mindfulness
  • and more

…the key is to target your body and brain’s unique biology.

This is not a generic, one-size-fits-all approach. We work together each step of the way. See how your childhood, life experience, past trauma, and current stressors all intersect. Understand how they created your specific symptoms.


Is this program for me?

You don’t need a formal diagnosis. This program is for women with symptoms of anxiety, pain, fatigue, inflammation, digestive disturbances, and skin issues.

Tired of trying to fit the pieces together on your own? Stop spending hundreds of hours on the internet and thousands of dollars on appointments. Harness the power of community to heal instead.

In the first 6 weeks we cover:

Lesson 1: A new perspective
Lesson 2: Root causes
Lesson 3: Symptoms of healing
Lesson 4: Personal health history
Lesson 5: Clear intentions
Lesson 6: Language of healing

What comes next?

Together we will implement practical solutions for:

  • limiting beliefs of guilt and self-doubt
  • nervous system regulation for anxiety
  • emotional release for fear and grief
  • daily routines in harmony with your natural cycles
  • relationships and boundaries after abuse or conflict
  • career goals in alignment with your purpose
  • creativity and hobbies for personal expression
  • community service and connection

We also discuss how to resolve conflict related to:

  • autoimmune disease
  • mood disorders
  • chronic pain
  • and more

This phase continues for up to 6 months.
Get real results. See lasting changes.

How does it work?

  • Immediately join the group chat

  • Access online course materials

    • Learn to Speak Your Body’s Language (6 interactive lessons)
    • Self-Care for Sisters (18 interactive lessons)
  • Weekly group coaching with Katherine

    • 60-minute Zoom calls (First three Fridays, 4p PST)
    • Recorded replays available for all sessions
    • Opportunities to be in the spotlight (or not!)

A payment plan that works for you:

Course Access

Work at your own pace. Get access to the 24 course modules and general community posts. Connect with other members.

Group Coaching Program

Includes premium group access, online course materials, and weekly group coaching sessions. Stop and start at any time.

If finances are an issue, I try to make these services as accessible as possible. This sliding scale option is available to those who are struggling to make ends meet and who can’t always pay their most basic bills.

If you are able to take vacations and eat meals outside of the home, however, please consider how you might be able to budget for coaching each month before selecting this charitable option.