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with Nurse Coach Katherine

Vision + Goals course.

Are you feeling stuck and need some motivation?


Sign up for my starter course to get some clarity. Worksheets, videos, and exercises help you create a powerful vision of your future self while setting concrete goals for your health.

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Diagnosis + Root Causes

Frustrated with unexplained symptoms and inflammation?

Get the answers you need by creating a timeline of your functional health history and learning to speak your doctor’s language. Explore holistic alternatives to conventional medicine.

Nutrition + Gut Health

Struggling with digestive or autoimmune issues?

Get step-by-step instructions for implementing an elimination diet to uncover hidden triggers and food sensitivities. Includes a food journal, symptom tracker, and complete meal plan.

Detox + Cleanse

Fighting pathogens, parasites, and environmental toxins?

Embark on a 14-day protocol with expert support to practice gentle detoxifying techniques that ancient cultures have been using to maintain health for centuries. Includes The Essential Detox Kit with optional essential oils.

Self-Care + Stress Relief

Overwhelmed without a consistent routine or schedule?

Learn how to assess, develop, and evaluate a self-care plan and schedule that works for your unique rhythm. Practice healthy habits like mindful mornings, energy budgeting, and relationship boundaries.

Trauma + Anxiety

Stuck in a constant state of fight-flight-freeze?

Events in life can overwhelm you physically, mentally, and emotion. Chronic stress responses induce disease. Learn to rewire your brain and regulate your nervous system for relief.

Platinum Package

Want to become your own best self-caregiver?

Guidance through each step of the year-long journey to take back your health. Includes all six courses and support.
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