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A monthly membership for parasympathetic support
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Ready to feel energized and purposeful?

You resolved the conflicts at the root of your symptoms. You reconnected with your deepest desires and goals. The rest is just maintenance. Your body knows how to heal and your soul knows how to grow – with the right support.

We’ve got your health education covered:

  • whole foods nutrition and supplements
  • managing difficult emotions
  • opening your detox pathways
  • parasite cleanses and gut health
  • bodywork, massage, and chiropractic
  • stress management and boundary setting
  • nature therapy and sunshine for vitamin D
  • circadian rhythm for better sleep

We offer workshops on all of this and more each month (included for members)!

How does it work?

  • Immediately join the group chat

  • Access online course materials

    • Emotional Detox + Gut Health course (interactive lessons)
  • Meditation + Movement class 1x/month

    • 60-minute Zoom call
    • Recorded replays available for all sessions
    • Opportunities for questions and answers

A payment plan that works for you:

One-Year Course Access

Work at your own pace. Get access to the course modules, general community posts, and class recordings only. Connect with other members.

Monthly Membership

Includes community group access, online course materials, and monthly live group sessions and class recordings. Stop and start at any time.